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DistriartisanDistriartisan Posts: 35Member

Suggestion :smile:
The textarea should be much much much wider anf higher
When we get into editing variables, conditions ...  it's a little annoying to scroll up and down at every change



  • JacopoJacopo Posts: 47Walking Wisdom, Coding Expert admin
    I know @Distriartisan that is not very user friendly: you know, when Nosto came to life (back in the A.D. 2011) nobody would have thought our users would have used the HTML section of the templates as much as they are doing it today, but rather to customize their on-site experience by just editing the properties of our default templates.

    But I agree with you: as the web development skills of our users are growing, we need to provide a more friendly tool to write your own code.

    Our amazing devs are now aware of this and, sooner or later (hopefully, sooner) you will be able to expand that text area fullscreen. And, maybe, even to change the code editing textarea to a color contrasted one not to get your eyes tired ;) 

    Stay tuned about this!

    And, for now, I wish you a very great weekend

  • JacopoJacopo Posts: 47Walking Wisdom, Coding Expert admin
    What we wouldn't do for our lovely Users!
    If you check now the template edit textarea you can see is now expandable full screen - but also we like to go the extra mile so we added a feature to toggle a white on black theme.
    Enjoy coding! <3 

  • DistriartisanDistriartisan Posts: 35Member
    It's really a huge improvment :)
    Thanks a lot
    Have a nice day
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