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A good onsite recommendation CTR?

JoshJosh Posts: 12Member

So we flicked the Nosto live switch on the first of our brands yesterday!
What would you consider a good CTR for an onsite recommendation? Does this differ per page type / placement?
All very new to us so would be good to understand a benchmark.


  • DanDan Posts: 89Walking Wisdom admin
    Hey @Josh

    This is a bit hard to estimate. There are so many factors influencing this, that i cannot give you an accurate benchmark...so i cannot say: "Hey Josh, if your CTR is under 3%, then it's bad". 

    Are you using a non-personalized algorithm e.g. Best Sellers, or are you using a Personalized one?
    Are we talking about a specific device only?
    Is the recommendation slot exposed to all customers or only one or some segments?
    Where is the slot positioned on the site?
    What is the page type?
    Is it placed below or above the fold?
    What is your traffic?
    How qualified is your traffic in the first place, when the users land on the site?

    All these criteria influence what's an expected CTR, along with the strategy to drive traffic. 
    And even after answering these questions, there are still another bunch of them to answer in order to pencil out an accurate expectation for the CTR...

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