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Closing a pop up

AmbreAmbre Posts: 2Member
with the Nosto Team, I made a pop up wich is just an anoucement. So we removed all CTA and all other informations, it's just a background image.
And now, I would like that, my customer could click anywhere in the pop up to close it.
Also, I would like to have a redirect link with an UTM on it ?

Thank you for your help


  • JacopoJacopo Posts: 47Walking Wisdom, Coding Expert admin
    Hey @Ambre

    that is a good question, and surely be useful in the future for other users!

    I have a question back to you, cause your query is not very clear to me: so what exactly you want to happen when your users click on any area of the popup? To close the popup? To redirect to another page?

    Trivial is to say that the redirect to a URL (also with UTM) will, pretty obviously, also close the popup therefore there is no need to execute both of the operations.

    Looking forward to hearing from you :) 
  • AmbreAmbre Posts: 2Member
    actually, my pop up is just an image with a CTA on the design (not a "real one").
    So my customer will obviously "click" on it, that's why I need that my pop up close when they click on it.

    And we wanted to track the sells tha we could make with this pop up. So I need a redirect link only to put our UTM on it...

    Thank you
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