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Recommandation > mobile > invisible

DistriartisanDistriartisan Posts: 35Member

One of my recommendation  is invisible on Mobile.
I've tried to use "COLLAPSE PRODUCT GRID ON MOBILE" both on recommendation and template but it's not working.

Can you please help me ?



  • DanDan Posts: 88Walking Wisdom admin
    Let's see...which is the slot?

  • DanDan Posts: 88Walking Wisdom admin
    I see..

    It seems that there is a timing issue..the reco slot doesn't get refreshed on mobile. 

    Can you add this script to execute on "Add-to-cart" click on mobile? 

              var request = api.createRecommendationRequest();
              request.addEvent(‘vp’, ‘$!context.viewedProduct.productId’);

    I have a strong believe that it will solve the issue.
    If not, just let me know and we dig deeper..
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