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Template or Campaign updated/modified Time Stamp?

debug_gurudebug_guru Posts: 15Member

How do I check when was the template or any campaign was last updated/modified or added/created?

This not available in the list view neither in detail view.

It is kind of basic thing for any dashboard but the same seems to be missing in My.Nosto Panel.


  • JacopoJacopo Posts: 47Walking Wisdom, Coding Expert admin
    Hello @debug_guru

    who exactly decides what is a "kind of a basic thing for any dashboard"?

    We can see the logs of when and who edited the templates/slots/etc. but for security reasons we do not allow to our Customers to access it, as the panel also provides a rollback function - if you want a print reach out to [email protected]

    Thanks :) 
  • debug_gurudebug_guru Posts: 15Member
    Hi @Jacopo,

    I am not asking for the logs of Nosto.

    I believe Nosto must be storing the record updated or added in the DB to against the campaign and templates?

    So just asking if its available in nosto dashboard panel too?

    Also is their any security issue in showing the updated/modofied column in Nosto dashboard.

    However, emailing to nosto support can be done. But then it is quite depended on support team, and I have to wait till support team checks and response.

  • JacopoJacopo Posts: 47Walking Wisdom, Coding Expert admin
    For showing you, this is what Nosto personnel can access to for any account

    Now, regarding the security reason: imagine I am an employee in your company but fired and leaving in bad terms, what would I do in my last day at work? Probably rollback to a malfunctioning templates' status so that the website is screwed up.
    I would also probably make 1000 photocopies of my bum, but that's my own personal touch :smiley:

    What do you think about that?
    This kind of post is called "discussion" anyway, so let's discuss!
  • debug_gurudebug_guru Posts: 15Member
    Hi @Jacopo,

    Please check below link what I was expecting 

    The last modified would be sort-able too.

    The one which you have shown is actually logs. Which I would definitely not like to have.
    For the same security reason, you have mentioned.
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