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Recommendations > add to cart link

DistriartisanDistriartisan Posts: 35Member

Would it be possible to get an 'add-to-cart' link directly on our recommendations ?



  • DanDan Posts: 79Walking Wisdom admin
    Hey hey!!

    Nosto doesn’t feature add-to-cart button in the recommendations out-of-the-box, yet there is a work-around for the functionality.

    There is an article in the Nosto Help Center, which describes how to achieve this. Please take a look below:

    Just drop a line here to let us know if it worked:)


  • JacopoJacopo Posts: 47Walking Wisdom, Coding Expert admin
    edited April 5
    Hey @Distriartisan

    I know you enjoy to speak tech so I complete Dan's answer with some code.
    You are on Magento, and we do support the add to cart functionality, an example of a working button could be

    <a href="#" onclick="Nosto.addProductToCart('$!product.productId', this);">AJOUTER AU PANIER</a>

    Try that out and if it raises some problems do let us know, but I am sure it's gonna work!  B)
  • DistriartisanDistriartisan Posts: 35Member


    I've tried this code
    <a href="#" onclick="Nosto.addProductToCart('$!product.productId', this);">AJOUTER AU PANIER</a>

    Unfortunately, I get different results depending on the product
    • redirection to the cart and product is added
    • redirection to the cart and the product is not added
    • redirection to the product page
    on clicking add-to-cart link, we should have
    • if this is a configurable product : redirection to the product page
    • if this is a simple product : add product to the cart and display the pop-in (product added to your cart)
    We have this type of link

    Thanks a lot


  • JacopoJacopo Posts: 47Walking Wisdom, Coding Expert admin
    Hello @Distriartisan
    this may happen cause products in your shop present variations/SKUs - meaning that, if a product has variations (color, size, etc.) you will have to act differently, and can find instructions and use cases here

    The problem with the ajaxAddToCartLink example that you posted cannot be used as-is because Magento adds some randomly generated tokens in the link (that "craziness" of letters and numbers) which we cannot replicate.

    Try that out and let us know :) 
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