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Integration with DotDigital - Consent Handling

JoshJosh Posts: 12Member
edited March 2019 in Nosto Q&A

As new to Nosto, we've been working on the customer info tagging. We've hit some snags when it comes to handling consent...

Background: We'd like to use Nosto to collect opt ins via the popup feature and send to our ESP, DotDigital where we send most of our marketing emails. However, we'd also like to send some automated messages from Nosto (mainly abandoned baskets)....

  1. As we understand it, a marketing_permissions tag for a new visitor (one for which we don't have an email address) is set to 'false', meaning they won't receive any automated emails from Nosto.

  2. If they then opt in to marketing through a Nosto popup, their marketing_permissions tag with then be set to ‘true’. They can then be sent any of the 3x nosto emails mentioned above (depending on action taken).

  3. They’ll also then flow to DotDigital via the integration that Nosto already has with them.

  4. We've been that that we can follow to automatically remove marketing consent if a user then opts out from a marketing email send via DotDigital, meaning they won't receive any emails from Nosto either. Has anyone has experience using this? Is a CURL required?

  5. What about in the reverse scenario, and someone opts out of an abandoned basket email via Nosto? Is this feed to DotDigital? Can't find any documentation on this.

  6. In addition, what happens if a contact signs up via the form in the footer of our website, that is run via a differnt application (Gravity Forms). Nosto won't be able to pick up this consent and will therefore mark this contacts marketing_consent as 'false' when it should be true?

It feels that Nosto need to have a joint, symbiotic consent field shared between them and the ESPs providers they have integrations with..... unless we're missing something, this doesn't seem to yet exist but is key to ensure we're handling marketing consent in a compliant way.

Anyone else using DotDigital too and has experienced this?


  • DanDan Posts: 89Walking Wisdom admin
    @Josh this is quite a broad topic and me answering it would not provide a complete and comprehensive answer. Therefore i have involved the Legal team of Nosto, together with the product managers .. and they are sketching a document as we speak, which will convert into a support article once done. I will keep you up to date with this..

  • JoshJosh Posts: 12Member
    Thanks @Dan will stay tuned.
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