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DanDan Posts: 89Walking Wisdom admin

If you have an idea, if you would like to see something in the Nosto products, if you think that you would benefit from a certain feature, please leave a comment here. We'll make sure it will reach the developers ears. :smiley:



  • PolyducksPolyducks Posts: 5Member

    I think a lot of the content could be bundled into one. It would be nice to make new placements and segments on a recommendation page. Currently it's difficult to work with one recommendation's requirements in several tabs.

    It would also be nice if you could give names to your recommendations which weren't also the title for that recommendation. For example, we have several "You might also like" recommendations which would be easier to work with if they were named in the Nosto interface with a custom name like "Shoe page recommendation" and appear on our website with the title "You might also like".

  • DanDan Posts: 89Walking Wisdom admin
    edited February 2019

    Hello @Polyducks !! That's great feedback. Regarding your first you mean something like a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop type of editor?

  • PolyducksPolyducks Posts: 5Member
    edited March 2019

    @Dan no no, just the editor that exists now for recommendations, but have a 'new placement' option in the placement dropdown, then a subform within the page for making that new placement - instead of going to the placements page and setting it up that way.

  • AntonioAntonio Posts: 2Member

    It would be great if we can use the customers segments from Magento as a filter for recommendations, mails, or popups.

  • MaximeMaxime Posts: 13Walking Wisdom admin

    Hello @Antonio,
    Thank you a lot for the great feedback.
    You would like to import segments created from Magento into Nosto right?

  • AntonioAntonio Posts: 2Member
  • TerryWingfieldTerryWingfield Posts: 5Member

    If I may share a little on our architecture. We're currently a 'fully' cloud based SaSS product in which conforms to a SoA pattern, thus each module connects 'possibly' to third party vendors (like yourselves). So we receive data pass to each module, ultimately landing on the 'Nosto' module. Ideally I'd like customer level related recommendations not random. Unfortunately the current 'related' recommendations requires the shopify product Id and/or other internal Id - it would be super awesome if I could pass customer email or similar thus preventing a shopify product id, as at the point of triggering we do not have the shopify product id. Or Instead of ProductId we could use SKU?? SKU would be awesome as it's not internal or specific to an eCommerce platform. SKU is a common standard around products. In our system we track/utilize SKU's and not third party internal Id's.

  • JoshJosh Posts: 12Member

    When using the tags interface in the my.nosto area, we can see the tags we're using. If we use the custom attribute interface, it doesn't have the same autocompletion feature for the keys or values, but it'd be fantastic if it did!

    We don't see the custom attribute interface as being usable by our content editors as it requires them to have a presaved list of combined keys and values to hand.

  • KonstantinKonstantin Posts: 26Walking Wisdom admin

    hey @Josh
    That's good stuff and also would make the life of our Success Experts easier. Has found its way to the product board right now! B)

  • JoshJosh Posts: 12Member

    The Nosto Debug tool could become more useful for SPA devs by allowing a refresh of the tool. At the moment it only contains data of things that are shown on page on the original document load.

  • DanDan Posts: 89Walking Wisdom admin

    It's in the works Josh! :)

  • SamSam Posts: 1Member

    It'd be great to have a text field in recommendations that is the admin description. The title doesn't always describe the content, especially to our content editors.

  • debug_gurudebug_guru Posts: 15Member
    Hi Nosto Team,

    Idea : Updated/Added column in campaign and template list view.

    I have been using Nosto panel for creating campaigns and templates for my website since quite long time now.

    But every time when I reach to the list of campaign and templates, I feel some thing is missing there. 

    I do not have option to check which is last campaign or template I have created or when I have added them.

    So please check if nosto can provide the such option as given in below link

    It would really help to track down when was campaign or template updated.

    Deepak Gurung

  • debug_gurudebug_guru Posts: 15Member
    Hi Nosto Team,

    Idea : Global / Store Level variable declaration and set option.

    We are using to many recomendation template and emails via Nosto for our website.

    So in our email template there we are sending conditional email content along with promotional banner which gets updated every week as promotion changes.

    Thus currently I have to update each and every template and email templates every week to update the banner.

    So looking for an global store level option where I can declare some variable and use the same in any of the my templates and set the banner link as required.

    Please check if this possible.

  • PolyducksPolyducks Posts: 5Member
    It'd be great if you can add/remove attributes in templates. There are defaults (like 'header background' / $!props.colors.headerBackground) - but the templates would be much more flexible and noob friendly if I could build them to have their own properties - and remove the properties which no longer apply.
  • BeckeyB74BeckeyB74 Posts: 1Member
    Hi Guys,
    It would be amazing if you could make it possible to create an abandoned cart email that is only triggered when items from certain categories on my website are in the basket. That way we can then offer different things to different kinds of shoppers. It would be even better if this could be possible without having to add underlying code to the website...
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