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Pass sign up via pop up to ESP immediately?

JoshJosh Posts: 12Member

We're planning on using Nosto's pop up functionality to acquire new subscribers. We'd like to pass these over to our ESP (DotDigital) instantly for follow up via welcome email, but it looks like the out the Nosto box config only allows this to happen once daily at set time. How can we pass this data to our ESP immediately?


  • KonstantinKonstantin Posts: 26Walking Wisdom admin
    Hey Josh,
    what you are looking for can be found here in the Help Center:

    Alternatively you can find it in the developer API guide:

    Let me know how it goes B)
  • JacopoJacopo Posts: 47Walking Wisdom, Coding Expert admin
    Hey @Josh ,

    our integration with DotDigital pushes the data once a day and, for how much you seem to be a nice guy and I would do anything for helping you, this is nothing we can change :D 

    A good plan B would be to use the DotDigital form integration - you can read more here.

    In this way the data will be pushed instantly to your list, without waiting the Nosto's syncing time.
    All you have to do is to generate the HTML code from DotDigital and copy/paste it within the Nosto popup.
    I am not sure of this BUT the code generated by DotMailer may contain some Javascript: if this is the case, don't forget that any selector you may bump into has to be prefixed with our pre-selector _targetWindow.
    E.g. jQuery will turn into _targetWindow.jQuery - document will turn into _targetWindow.document and so forth.
    On the topic you can find a video tutorial (by the way, realized by me) or read this support article.

    Please do keep me posted about this.


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