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Price issues


We have a lot of price issues.


ID 288808
Magento back-office €133.79
Nosto back-office €133.79
Front-Office Nosto display  : 160.79 

ID 231901
Magento back-office €163.81
Nosto back-office €163.81
Front-Office Nosto display  : 141.74

How can we solve this ?



  • DanDan Posts: 89Walking Wisdom admin
    Hey there, 

    I can see a code line in your template, that looks like this:

     #foreach($product in $products)
                    #set($newPrice = $!product.price.asNumber() * 1.20)

    So apparently, you are adding 20% to the price tagged in Nosto.

    This 196,57 is also the price we are displaying in the recommendations.

  • DistriartisanDistriartisan Posts: 35Member
    Yes we have a little script to set included prices values.
    But yesterday it was kind of broken.

    It seems to be fine now

  • DanDan Posts: 89Walking Wisdom admin
    Great! Happy when things go well!
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